Buy Grace In The Wilderness at Amazon.comrace In The Wilderness is the riveting story of one man’s battle to reclaim his life from a raging drug addiction that began when a naive 19-year old from the suburbs of New York was forced to descend mid-air out the gunner’s door of a U.S. Army chopper into the lush green landscape of Vietnam.

Grace In The Wilderness by Scott Riley, Hasha Riley & Libra RileyUnlike any other account, Grace In The Wilderness chronicles the harrowing 30-year long journey of Scott Riley and his twin daughters, Hasha and Libra, and the labyrinth they traveled from war to recovery. His fate and theirs, triumph over tragedy, would depend greatly on the fraying wire of his will and the unconditional nature of their love for him.Grace In The Wilderness by Scott Riley, Hasha Riley & Libra Riley

Grace In The Wilderness spans the spectrum of human emotions, tours the inevitable peaks and valleys, and witnesses the extreme tests of faith more common to the human experience than not. Gritty and heartwarming at the same time, you will find yourself rooting for this family and reminding yourself of your own struggles in some form or fashion.

A tremendous endeavor, Grace In The Wilderness reveals a kaleidoscope of complex, raw emotions that expose just how vulnerable we all are. God has truly worked a miracle in Scott’s life and that of his daughters, and by way of their courageous accountings, they provide hope for the many parents, sons, daughters and families still desperately seeking their way.

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